08 February, 2012

We started a baby blog

We started a baby blog to document this kid!

Soren, at about 10 weeks

Now that our Sweden chapter is closed, I have really enjoyed reading past posts on this blog and remembering the little routine stuff about our life in Stockholm that might have otherwise been forgotten.

So I'm doing the same with this new Baby chapter. We call him Bug. Actually, most of the time, I call him Bug Bug. I tend to say almost everything twice to him. He will end up thinking that it is his name, for sure. I should have started a blog about this cute l'il squirt 2.5 months ago, but admittedly, it has been a bit hectic around here. Who knew?!?  Since I have to go back to work, I'll likely only manage a post a week, but I think even that will keep a great record of Soren's development for us to look back on when he is running circles around us.

See it here.

Air-guitarin' Soren 'n Soren!