17 May, 2009

Here we are now!

Test! Test! ...Is this thing on?

So. We're very excited to start our new blog to update our friends, family, and people we meet along the way.

What's up: we're moving to Stockholm to study! It's a great opportunity, and Anne's always wanted to go check out the land of her roots since her mother's side is Swedish. Mine father's side is Norwegian, so really, it's right that we go live in Scandinavia... especially now, before we birth barns of our own.

We've been cramming in Swedish with Rosetta Stone. I know they say Sweden's 80-90% bilingual in English, but that's no excuse! We want to learn the language of the country we'll be living in. I've also heard that it's tough to get language practice in when the Swedes you meet practice their English on you! But at the very least we'll be able to pronounce people's names and place names correctly.

So, that's the start to our Swedish adventure. We'll travel around Europe together as well, so more on those notes later.

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