02 July, 2009

When life gives you peat moss, make scotch

So. I'm a member of the Saint Andrew's Society and the Color Guard. (I proudly carry flags. Actual flags may vary.)
Sadly, as long as my arms may be, they'll not reach from Stockholm. So, like saying good-bye to the rest of our friends, the toughest part... well, let's just call it a hiatus.

But. I promise two things. To run around Stockholm in a kilt and post pictures of it. And, to give you a funny picture now. Because it also has a funny story.

About a month ago, the Color Guard was at Great Meadows for the Gold Cup. This was to be my last event as the Virginia Scottish Games (Sept 5th & 6th at Great Meadows) will be after I leave for Sweden.

Then I forgot my socks. They were in the hamper.

So, to make a long story short, I wasn't able to proceed with my flag carrying duties, but I was able to wear a very silly hat. (Designed by Rhonda Wardlaw, haberdasher extraordinaire) Which I'll have to wear in Sweden...
My point: serendipity. Sometimes where you find yourself is not at all where you intended. But you make the best of it. Or at least, it's better than what you had in mind.

That's life. Like how we're off to Sweden.
Good luck with you. And remember, Silly Hat Man may be gone, but can be with you always.

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