11 July, 2010

Sommarlov heat wave

Holy jesus, it got hot in Stockholm this weekend! Yes, I know I was just complaining about how terrible the heat in DC was (and yes, it was far worse in DC. They have humidity to contend with, as well.) However, we live in Scandinavia. We DO NOT HAVE air conditioning in our apartment. Or even fans. The last two nights have been awful...its not like we could just leave the windows open. The sun comes up at 3am. And I'm still fighting jet lag and the beginnings of a sore throat (thanks, transatlantic travel!)

But yeah, a record temps at the low-30s here (upper 80s?) In Skåne, it got up to 35c, something that hadn't happened since 1984. The country is just not equipped for this.

But we found the bright side...we decided to go to the beach yesterday! Sam & Sean's single most important must-do in Sweden was to swim in Swedish water (part brought on by Sean's strange fascination with this god-awful Brad Paisley song.) So we took a lovely hour boatride out to the island of Vaxholm on the archipelago. And we walked our butts off until we found the sand beach. Absolutely worth it! The water was ice cold, but the sun was warm and the place was just beautiful.

It was officially my first time getting in a bathing suit in 2010. Not that you get to see pictures (the last 3 weeks of hedonism in the U.S. proved detrimental to my belly-baring self-esteem.)

(proof that they went in to that frigid water!)

But only another day of Swedish heat to deal with. I know, I can't even believe I am saying that...I have become thin-skinned! The weather in Edinburgh says its in the mid-teens/mid-60s and a good chance of rain every day.

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