16 August, 2010

Picture Post

Last week, we took a boat out to Drottningholm Palace.

Drottningholm: where the Swedish royals live
We arrived by boat!
It was built at the same time as Versailles, complete with ridiculously complicated landscaping.
Kina slottet, which was robbed a few weeks ago!
A fairy circle of mushrooms?
We met some sheep.
Patrick tortured swans (no, he didn't have any food in that hand!)
Saturday, we took the Saltsjöbanen (salt lake train) to the lovely area at Saltsjöbaden ("salt lake baths")

I would love a summer house out here. I would love a house, period. And an extra here would be a dream.
The weather was perfect. Too warm for Stockholm, but by the water, it was ideal.

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