11 August, 2010


I counted myself a little teensy bit more Swedish Monday night, after having successfully made homemade Swedish meatballs (köttbullar.) 

 Stu and I eat them fairly often, but I always buy the pre-made, pop-in-a-frying-pan kind. But Patrick was visiting from the States and we had invited new friends Carrie & Brendan over for dinner, so it seemed proper to make them from scratch (and Patrick insisted.) 

(Patrick mincing onions)

And they weren't just edible, they were really good! In my humble opinion, anyway. We conflated 3 different recipes, but Swedish meatballs are so idiot-proof, you don't even need a recipe. The basic idea is to mush ground meat (any animal you like, we even added chopped bacon,) bread crumbs, garlic/onion, salt/pepper, maybe an egg. Roll them into little balls and fry the suckers in butter, then serve with creamy gravy. With lingonberry sauce and potatoes, of course. 
(Why yes, I do serve my homemade meatballs in a dish shaped like Sweden!)
(An opportunity to use the wine-chilling thingamabob is an opportunity for Stu to take artsy pictures.)
  Why don't we do this more often? I think I should start a Sunday Night Köttbullar!


  1. Sounds delicious!

  2. Oh, how I love this blog. From the Sweden shaped dish I eat Gott&Blandat! Your kòttbullar looks really yummy!

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  4. I've lived here since summer of 2002 and I haven't try to make a homemade köttbullar hmmm maybe I should try now...

  5. Nice! I love Gott & Blandat...big fan of black licorice (though I could live without the salty stuff.)

    Make them! If only because it's surprisingly fun to mush meat in a bowl (My Former-Vegetarian-Self would be appalled to see me write those words.)

  6. YUM! Those look fantastic! So, how do you make the creamy gravy?

  7. Yes, they were!
    Ummm, when I make it, its using a packet of instant creamy gravy (just add milk & heat!) Patrick made this stuff...he used the pan drippings and a little flour, then added cream and butter? It was good stuff, but I probably couldn't replicate the from-scratch on my own.