03 June, 2009

Countdown: 2 months

There is way too much to do, and I'm afraid we'll end up forgetting important things! But without working, life will be easier in making that transition.
We're planning to ship about 1/3 of our stuff, house-y items, books, winter clothes, etc, and are limiting ourselves to a whole 35 sq ft of space for shipping. I don't even know how big 35 square feet is, but it costs about $300 and takes 45 days via boat from B'more to Stockholm.
About a third of our stuff will be put into storage at my mom's place/storage unit in VA.
And the last third will be sold. Via Craigslist and a giant garage sale the last weekend in June.

And July 15th, we'll be homeless! 6 weeks from today...

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