26 June, 2009

I have the Power!!!

Remember the He-Man?

In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man. And he was a He-Man. Quite possibly the stupidest name ever invented by toy companies. But in it's stupidity lies it's brilliance. Who is He? Yes. What is he, man? Yes. All those things and less, for he is He-Man.

(And don't even get me started on sister spinoff She-Ra. Why not, She-Lady? Apparenly there's a tipping point in toy naming stupidity which we'll never understand, that's why. Eat it, Svengali.)

In any case, He-Man was the shiz. When I was in second grade, well, let's just say we had to catch 'em all. And G.I. Joe. And Transformers. The pushers had us hooked... Oh yeah, and M.A.S.K.

Anyway, the brilliance of He-Man was he was the Lone Ranger, Conan the Barbarian, and Superman all wrapped into one. So why wouldn't you love him? Actually he even grabbed the Hulk/Bruce Banner meme with the giant green cat...

So much combo of toy means so much brillance for cross-marketing appeal and success. Thus, in the mismash of 80's pop-culture that is my brain there are certain key phrases that are left glued-on and indelible upon my ol' knoggin'. Just like "up, up and away" or "hi-ho silver", but for He-Man it was "I have the power!"*

*Please note, not I've got the power. Totally different.

And he did, with his nifty sword and magic riding cat. (A saddle on a tiger? Who would think that's a good idea?! Claw city, yikes.) What does this have to do with moving to Sweden? Almost nothing. Except they do have vikings there.

And 220 electricity. Yup, we need a converter, and thereby We Can Have the Power.

What happens if we don't? Well 110 appliances in a 220 plug are basically getting twice they power they were designed to handle. And it's too much for them and they explode. Well, short out really, but it's just as unfunctional. The mighty European circuits will make like Hans and Franz all over your electrics. Not good, as they cost more there. SO. In comes the power converter to the rescue and settles the dispute. And joins the appliance and voltage together like the two halves of the Sword of Power. See how I did that?

Not so fast? What's that you say, not only to the electrics have a difference in voltage but in different cycles as well?! Arrgghh! Well that's what we'll face in Sverige.

So stay tuned. We may having interesting stories of danger and excitement. Who knew that plugging in a hairdryer could be so death-defying? We're doing the shopping now. It might save us a headache or two. And might gain us the use of the Red Kitchenade... It might also allow us to have a quick fix for blowing up the airbed. That's right, you heard me, airbed. We know you don't want to couch surf without some style. When you come to see the castles. Which they have there. But, look nothing like Castle Grayskull.


  1. Uffda! You know when you sent me the link to the Grey Skull post I had thought you said it was the guy's Swedish blog you had been reading and not yours and Anne's. Now I've got to read it again, but it's such a delightful read, so that's a good thing.

  2. I totally forgot about M.A.S.K.