10 June, 2009


We got them!
We were told to expect 2-3 months turnaround on getting our residence visa applications approved and back from the Swedish Migration Board. We dropped them off at the DC Embassy on May 9th (and I went back a few days later to re-do what was the wrong paperwork...whoops!) And we received a call on June 4th to say that we'd been approved to live in Sweden until September 2010. We'll have to renew after the first year, but it seems like we just have to submit a renewal application that shows that Stu didn't flunk out, etc.
The actual visa is an odd little print-out with our pictures and a raised stamp in the back of our passports....I don't know what I expected.
Either way, big hurdle jumped!


  1. Hi Ann and Stuart....this is your Wedding Blondie Baker Renee. I am so excited for you guys and wish you both the very best. Please drop me a line every now and then to let me know how you're enjoying Sweden. If you ever think you'll want some Blondies again email me at:

    blondiesbythebabe@yahoo.com or better yet tell your "DAD"....Smile

  2. I didn't flunk out! :) Woohoo!