12 April, 2010

Vad är det?

Do you have any idea what this guy is used for?

He is about a foot tall and made of very thin green glass. The top and the little spout on the side both open to the main body of it, but the bigger circle on the other side opens to that oval shaped bubble in the middle. I think it looks like old science-y equipment. Stu thinks its some kind of wine decanter, that you could put shaved ice in the oval part to chill it without watering it down. Any other ideas?

I was on a hunt for an antique cast-iron heart-shaped waffle maker, but ended up bringing him home from the Odenplan Stadsmission. Not because I needed it, but because he was pretty and strange and only 80 kr. Stu says I am definitely my father's daughter, but I happen to think its greener than if I were buying new, random knick-knacks that I don't need. And they make me happy. Stockholm second-hand shops are the best for interesting, cheap little knick-knacks, and I really cannot help but pop in whenever we walk by one.... 


  1. I agree with chiller (or warmer!) of some kind. very cool. i might have bought it as well.

  2. Stu is right.

    It keeps white wine cold with out watering it down and with out dripping water when you pull a bottle out of a bucket. And perfect to make your box white wine look snazzy.

    Did you see the recycled Dirigible hangers in Riga? Talk about handy.


  3. I also have a wine decanter that looks just like this, any idea of the age/history of the item? Mine has a state of indiana seal on it with an excise label, mine also has a wicker style bottom.