27 October, 2010

A gang of gypsies bought me lunch today

A gang of gypsies bought me lunch today. Stu thought I should post about it because it sounds funny.

But it's true!

I assisted the curator of photography at Moderna for a few hours this morning with a large collection of photographs from fantastic photographer Anna Riwkin from the 1950s, when she documented the lives of many Roma families in Sweden. A group of Romani reasearchers (Or Zigenare? I know Roma and Romani are not exactly interchangeable, but I'm not sure which they were, hence they will be both) along with some Hungarian visitors were interested in Riwkin's photos because many of the subjects were members of their own families. It was interesting, especially how impassioned a few became with mention of the Holocaust and WWII, and even with their historical portrayal at Skansen in Stockholm. All in Swedish and Hungarian, so even more of a learning opportunity for me.

Anyway, they invited me to lunch after. It was lovely! And no one stole my wallet or jewelry (meant only to joke, not to pervade misconception.)

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