02 October, 2010


Whew, busy week! I thought I was busy the week of Fotografiska opening, but this week was far crazier.

Thursday was the big opening for Modernautställningen (for which there were a total of 4 opening celebrations.) My supervisor at the museum got sick and spent most of the week at home with a 40c fever. So I did the exhibition registrar's work for the exhibition, after having interned less than a month. And admittedly, not the most efficient way: the opening started at 7pm on Thursday, and I was working with the curator until 6:30pm making sure the last details were in place. But it got done.

And the vernissage party was nuts. Everyone with a name in the Stockholm art/culture scene was present, crowding every corner of the 4th floor spaces. And because I was working to finish things until 6:30, I didn't eat dinner, so after a few beers and glasses of champagne, I was having a blast. Dinner was burgers at 10:30 at Max before the after-party at Berns. Not a bad night.

A few pictures:

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