28 October, 2010

Donderdag Veggiedag

We're heading to the veggie capital of Europe: Ghent (or Gent, or Gand, even?) for the weekend.

In my mind, Belgium is a quaint and friendly-seeming place, but one that you don't actually know much about. Besides food. Waffles, pommes frites, beer. (no veggies on that list, you'll notice.)
I learned about little old Ghent from art history mostly, and there was a treaty or two signed there. I've never been, or to anywhere in Belgium for that matter. But we're going to visit our fabulous friends Maggie & Greg.

More to report later... 


  1. I'll be in Belgium soon, myself! Have fun!

  2. Have a great time. Don't forget to look for Neuhaus chocolates!

  3. We didn't really eat any veggies, huh? I enjoyed my rabbit and waffles, though!