23 November, 2010


Snow-dark-snow-dark, so on, so forth.
That's basically how the days have been passing, not day-night-day-night. It is so dark, from 3:30pm one day until 8am the next. And it is SO COLD in Stockholm right now! There was a warning yesterday for a small winter storm hitting our general chunk of the country, and the weatherperson actually said something to the effect of "Time to put on those gloves and hats!" Really? Just now?!?

I haven't left the house without hats and gloves since the end of September, thankyouverymuch. I sometimes wear them *inside* the house, it's so cold. 
Maybe it's just another showing of how Swedes are hardcore, and I am a wimp.

So, it took me nearly an hour to get home tonight with all the bus delays (and there were airport delays, as well, but apparently not due to the weather but because of illness!) Because the 65 bus never even came to pick up me and the rest of the hoard of people waiting just after 5pm, I walked 2/3s of the way home on the ice. But I got to see the NK windows all done up, which means the holiday season has officially begun! The theme was jultomten in exotic places. One of which was Egypt! That made the dismal, frigid walk home a little more bearable.

Me & Stu on our little magic carpet, flying over the pyramids...and a tour bus?!?
I looked over the last few posts, and realized that nearly every one shown on the homepage of our blog mentions our trip to Egypt. Can you tell I am excited? My life has become measured in the change-over between snow & dark & snow & dark. I'm frickin' excited.

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