28 November, 2010

Winter's Here

It's cold. It's moved over into that dry, "so cold it's warm" kind of feeling, in that all the moisture in the air is frozen. But that's only for the first few steps out the door. It is also a keep-moving-or-else kind of cold.

Our high for the week is about -7 C to a low of -13 C. (For all of you playing at home that's 8 to 19 F.)

But we've got bright fluffy snow on the roof tops and there's more gently falling which gives us a quite a snow globe kind of effect. Considering how last winter was it means we're in for a good few weeks or months of bright snow. It's here to stay. We could complain, but this is Sweden, it's kind of what I expected moving here. Nevermind that native Stockholmers are shocked. I had apparently overreacted when buying winter boots in the US (on sale, in July) but now I'm grateful for the over abundance of caution (comes from working in insurance, I guess...). Anyway, the fashionistas in Stureplan can still be seen in little high heeled shoes. I'm surprised I don't see more orthopedic surgeons here. Maybe I don't know the word for it. Ah: it's ortopediska. See how hard it is to learn Swedish!

Apparently, the mercury had better rise or else books will burn... literally. It's one way to keep warm I suppose. But that of course is a subject close to home. Better to use a book to curl up with by the fire.

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