04 November, 2010

Checking in with November

I *think* this is the moon in the morning, a shot taken on my way to work at about 9am the other day.  It looked kinda cool. Anyway, I only include it to sort illustrate that today is November 4th and only four days into the month, there have already been far more hours of sunlight than the ENTIRE month of November last year. Sun!
I have read a few predictions about how winter this year will be more brutal than usual (uhh, last year was pretty brutal...it'd be hard to top.) But its a good sign that even if its icy cold out, the sky is blue and there is sunlight.
Speaking of winter and sunlight, we just paid the final chunk on our Egypt vacation yesterday! Of course, now I know I should have paid it all in August when we first booked the thing, since the dollar has just deflated to the point of making me want to cry over the price of godis, making our vacation slightly more expensive than we anticipated. But I digress...3 weeks on the Red Sea, riding camels through the desert, sailing down the Nile, ducking through pyramids, and maybe even eating pigeons! I am so psyched.

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