13 December, 2010

Picture post

Sunlight at Stadsbiblioteket

Guzel finally on that Dala horse

Thoroughly enjoying reindeer tunnbrödrullar

This induced a guilty feeling, after eating reindeer rullar


Guzel took great pictures of the city!

3pm at Kungsträdgården?

The iceskating rink

ice in the Helsinki harbor

Snowbanks taller than people!

Funny Finnish words

Tram...the only civilized way to get around Helsinki

Glögi...the sweeter, juicier version of Scandinavian mulled wine

Yup, I bought stuff at the factory's outlet. I have no self-control. I also hit up the Marimekko outlet and did more damage to my wallet...

Just a post full of pictures. The first several are from Stockholm, mostly from the Skansen julmarknad. We also took the boat to Helsinki over the weekend with Guzel, which was fabulous (but for how FRICKIN' cold it was there. Wow.) 
Though we missed quite a weekend in Stockholm, with a terrorist attack just down the road from where we live. Thankfully, only 2 people were injured and we walked down Drottninggatan today, and the only indication that something happened was some remaining police tape.
Now, less than one week until Egypt, and a surprisingly large amount of work before going...

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