18 December, 2010

Signing off...

...'til next year. We leave in 16 hours for Egypt.

I managed to get 90% of my schoolwork and workwork done, so 10% remains for the weekend we get back (and I am more than happy with that.) My husband has managed to stress us both out about every. tiny. detail. to the point that I made him leave the apartment to get a haircut so I could finish up here in peace.
Well, he won't be completely off the hook. He'll have to help me with the bathroom ;) We are renting our apartment out to two separate couples while we are gone, so not only do we have to pack for a range of travel itinerary (leaving frigid 20F weather for a blissful 80F) but we have to leave the place spotless with several piles of clean sheets and towels. But on the upside, renting it out is paying for 1/3 of our trip, so we can't complain too much. And we'll forget all about it when we are hanging out on the Red Sea (not the side with the sharks!) or bumping along on camel back.

Anyway, happy holidays to all our friends and family and all you out in the blog-o-sphere! "See" to you in 2011!

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  1. hope you were able to get outta dodge before the flight delays happened! seems like there are going to be quite a few travelers suck this christmas, hope we aren't among them!

    Enjoy your trip!