08 December, 2010

Solar halos over Stockholm

 We thought it was just a weird rainbow when we were out today, but in fact, it was an optical phenomenon known as halos, shining over Stockholm. Ice crystals in the clouds filter the sunlight in a way that makes it look like a bubble of light hovering over the city.

From SR

Photo of the halo over Stockholm University campus (Paul Parker)
Also showing this phenomenon is the Vädersolstavlan from 1535. I'll make you read the Wikipedia link yourself for background on the painting, but it is one of the oldest painted depictions of Stockholm, one of the oldest Swedish landscapes and the oldest depiction of the halos.

What a cool thing!

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  1. Wow, that is so cool! I disagree with what they are, though. They are not actually ice crystals in clouds. They are Santa's elves setting off fireworks in celebration! Since you're so close to the North Pole and all.