10 February, 2011


I met up with a bunch of ladies in Stureplan this evening to plan a "hen" party, or in Swedish, a möhippa.

I have been to American bachelorette parties. I've done the strip club bachelorette party, the bar-hopping bachelorette party, the low-key dinner bachelorette party. And I was once a bachelorette! For mine, I spent the weekend with some girlfriends in NYC.

But I've never participated in the Swedish version. Apparently, it is an all-day affair with the girls. Expensive! And it is all kept a secret from the bride, even the date. The fiancé might make fake plans for the bride so that her friends can surprise her. Depending on the bride, you do something active as a group. Tonight, we mentioned tree-climbing at an adventure park, spending the afternoon at a shooting range, pole-dancing classes, or possibly renting a bakery and taking a lesson in sour dough. The day also includes games, dinner, drinks, dancing and clubs. And sometimes the bride has to sell things to strangers on the street. Yup.

But the most important part of a möhippa is the kidnapping. The bride's friends have to orchestrate an elaborate plan of action, like hiring a firefighter knock on the bride's door, asking her to evacuate because of a gas leak, or something. And then they are waiting outside in the firetruck! (or where ever the elaborate plan of action leads the bride.)  I kind of love this part, and kind of hate it...personally, I don't think I would like the surprise (a girl's gotta know what to wear!) but I think I'd get a kick out of what the group came up with.

We've been invited to several weddings of Swedes this year. I guess that means there could be lots of kidnapping missions in my future...

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