01 February, 2011

Who speaks Swedish anyway?

I realized it has been a few since I posted, but I had no idea what to write about?!? What we are up to? What we have planned coming up? Something totally random?

Currently, I am helping out with a project on postmodernism that involves 1980s Swedish art journals at Moderna Museet (and spent 8 hours today helping an artist make 400 paintings for the project...I have paint in my ears.) I am also supposed to be working on my final exhibition and thesis. It'll happen. I hope.
Stu is busy working full-time at a Swedish company for his capstone project, but he'll be done in 2 months. In fact, he'll be done with a 2-week break right when I will be most busy preparing for my final exhibition presentation, so I need someone to take my husband for that time....anyone want to babysit Stu? Anyone? If he is home with nothing to do, while I have to focus and produce, we might get divorced. Not really, but he could use a vacation then, anyway ;)

We are applying for jobs all over. I see lots of museum/library jobs in the States, but Stu has more options in Europe. So it's a bit of a toss up...I guess we'll take the first thing we get! We are traveling a bit. We are apartment-swapping in London in a few weeks, and are thinking about taking a weekend up to the super-north of Sweden to see the Northern Lights and have dinner at the Ice Hotel (yeah, just dinner...not all that interested in sleeping on a chunk of ice and wolf pelts.) We were invited to a wedding in southern France and one in Tuscany. I love it when people get married in exotic places. And our friends from NYC are coming for a visit in April, which I am *psyched* about! Hmmm...what else?

And for the something totally random...a commercial I really like. Tele2 has a sheep as a gimick because Swedes pronounce the word "cheap" as "sheep". Clever.

Ha. Swedes.


  1. haha i just saw that commercial when I was in Sweden all last week. And when my friends from Sweden were in t he US for our Oct. wedding we were playing catchphrase and there was an incident with one of the girls describing the word cheap by baaaaing. Quite comical!

  2. Wow you have such exciting plans! Right I get stressed when I have to leave Södermalm ;-) but eventually I really want to explore and see the Northern lights too - makes sure you blog about it if you go!!

  3. They have clever commercials in this country!

    And @OhioGirl, you should get out of Söder! The rest of the city is really cute, especially when it is as sunny as it has been. Though Söder does have really good shopping and drinking...

  4. Omigod that was fucking hilarious. Is that how Swedes think I sound???

    I guess I am missing out on funny commercials by not having access to Swedish TV.

  5. Thanks! I ventured to Gamla Stan today and got kind of a fright but I won't let it put me off more adventures. It has been really beautiful lately, I agree!

  6. My aunt & uncle *just* got back from Jokkmokk and Kiruna and had lots to tell. Sounded like a great trip! But they also said today was the first time they've felt their feet in 3 days, and the weather was "mild" according to the locals. STILL. I'm with you, sounds like a trip worth taking!