02 March, 2011

Buy 8 rolls of tape...

This was a photo I took a while ago and just stumbled upon again (hence the lack of snow and the reflections of real leaves). I'm not sure I even realized what it said when I took it, probably thinking something along the lines of "Why the hell would the advertising people at Norwegian airline allow a ripped poster to be put up?!?"

But now that I read the thing, it is quite clever! It says "Buy eight rolls of tape or fly to Helsinki." 249:- one way. I just feel bad for the poster-plastering guy who may have had to rip up perfectly good posters and re-tape them before sliding them into bus stop sign holders all over the city.

BTW, we are flying with Norwegian into London in a week, and it only cost us the equivalent of 32 rolls of tape...

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  1. Going for Will and Kate's wedding?