22 March, 2011

Picture post

From London last week! We rendezvous'd with our good friends from DC who now live in Holland and Belgium, and enjoyed a lot of eating and drinking and laughing, shopping, burlesque, museums, and more eating and drinking and laughing.

Finally made it to the Tower of London. Not very bloody, IMHO. But there were some sparkly jewels.

Maggie & Stu with Starbucks. Which they don't have in Sweden OR in Belgium!

Fortress Health and Safety.

Stu thought the sky looked like the Scottish saltire

Mini Gherkin?

Yay! Brunch at Elk in the Woods

They thought he was crazy for ordering a "Pimms Cup." Apparently Brits only drink them in the summer. And they just call them "Pimms." The "Cup" immediately pegs you as American.

Shopping around Oxford Circus can be overwhelming and disorienting...its a dern good thing they put these signs up to remind you what to do!


  1. Yep! I almost got run down by a sports car in London because I looked the wrong way trying to cross a street to get to a discount china shop!

  2. http://www.arlanda.se/en/Information--services-to/Traveller-information/News/Swedens-first-Starbucks-at-Stockholm-Arlanda/