29 March, 2011

Business trip

It has been a while since we posted!  I have an excuse...I have been generally sick while also working on my thesis and planning my graduate exhibition (got an opening date now! May 21 at Moderna!)  Not very good excuses, but nonetheless.

But this week, Stu is going on his first business trip as an intern for this big Swedish-multi-national company, to the States! He'll be in Charlotte for meetings for several days (and I selfishly hope it has potential for a job there...NC is warmer than Sweden!) Then he is taking an extra day to hang out in NYC to catch up with a few friends. I'd be more jealous if he wasn't promising to bring me lots of presents back. And I *am* totally jealous...he's going to fill up on burgers and Carolina BBQ! Can't bring those back in a suitcase too easily. Nah, aside from a list of drugstore stuff, I'm hoping for some mac & cheese of all things, some American Easter candy, and maybe even an H&H bagel or two...

In the meantime, I'm on my own for a few days. I guess he thought I'd forget to eat or something while he was gone (because I'll be so distraught?!?) so he popped by the grocery store last night and bought about $100 worth of food for me for the week. Including my very own pint of Ben & Jerrys Baked Alaska. We often fight over a pint, and the thing gets eaten in one very short sitting. But now I don't have to fight with anyone over who gets those delicious little white chocolate polar bears. He's so sweet. 


  1. All that sounds really nice. :)

    I just found a local source for mac and cheese here in Sweden!!! A City Gross opened up. But it's just the powdered kind.

  2. We can find it in Stockholm too, but the stuff is 50kr a box! That's nearly $8 now! Granted, I pay almost that amount for the B&J's Baked Alaska, but that feels worth it. I *know* how cheap Kraft is in the States...
    And congrats on the pregnancy! I love hearing about how different it is in Sweden than the US.

  3. Hi
    How nice to find another foreigner in Sweden. It’s so interesting to read about how other people perceive Sweden. I’m Swedish myself and live in Sweden with my Aussie boyfriend. We collect links in our blog to other blogging expats and I’ve added your blog to the list, hope that’s ok.


    I’ll be sure to check back for more blog updates.
    Have a great day!