24 May, 2011


I have a real appetite again, not one that is based solely on white foods like pasta, potatoes, and bread (aka, things that don't smell when you cook them.) And I am over most of my food aversions that plagued the first trimester. 
I do still have a problem with dried apricots and onions. We had pyttipanna the other day, and I spent a good chunk of dinner time picking out all the tiny little diced onion remnants--pyttipanna is basically just hash, so the dish is half onions! And the suggestion of 'vidalia' could get you punched in the mouth. 
A few weeks ago, I had to hide from myself the onions we had leftover in the cabinet...just looking at them made me feel sick. 

Yesterday, I found them again. Several had sprouted long green tendrils, like little alien life forms that were trying to bust through the bag of rice I had smooshed them behind. Whoops!
Think they are still edible? Not that *I* plan on eating them (and if Stu eats them, he might get punched in the mouth...onion breath is just as bad.) But technically edible? 


  1. Yes, the're edible, you just remove the part in the middle that is probably a bit soft and green. If you were going to eat them, that is. :)

  2. Maybe the better question is: does anybody *want* my alien onions? Why waste good onions?

  3. You could plant them... :-) It'd be a fun experiment!