30 May, 2011

Thesis complete!

I turned in my thesis today! Not too shabby, if you ask me. I am officially done writing about the complicated yet fascinating history of artists' books.

With the exhibition preview out of the way, and the paper complete, the last hurdle is a thesis defense on June 9, the day I officially graduate. And that promises to be pretty lame...out of 9 people in my program this year, I am likely the ONLY one who finished the paper on time and will be doing a June defense. I don't even know if they'll make me do it? I am one of two who will defend next week. Surprising, since I finished it and I have been PREGNANT since February...it couldn't have been that tough for my young and not-with-child classmates. To be fair, though, some have decided to go for double-length theses: ours only needed to be a piddly 30 pages as it is but one-half of the final project, though we had the option to do a 60-pager, which sets you up for PhD programs later. Of course, I went for the normal requirement...PhD? No, thank you.

So, I've got the small Moderna exhibition opening on June 11. Stu is done with his internship/consultant work tomorrow and is done with school a week after me. And then we travel for a few weeks, first to France, then to Italy. We'll be visiting the US in late July.

We have a meeting set with our landlady on Wednesday, which is when we have to officially decide whether we are staying put in Stockholm or moving back to the States (and leaving our excellent apartment in Vasastan!) She needs to A) know we want to stay to send our info for the building's Board approval before the July holidays, or B) know we are leaving to find new renters! We are leaning one way heavily, but haven't completely made the final decision. So Wednesday, I guess we'll have to know! What a strange feeling.

At the moment, I don't quite know what to do with myself. Very little schoolwork left, but I'm not on vacation just yet...


  1. ha you're right, almost the same post!!

    congrats on being done the thesis! it feels pretty good, doesnt it?! and i can't wait to hear the wednesday announcement! i thought originally that you had student coordinated housing (ie. you couldnt stay there after being done school). it is super awesome if you can stay on if you want to! otherwise, i know this really nice swedish/canadian couple that wouldnt mind renting it for a while... hehe


  2. Congratulations! Wow, sounds great. I think you can be really proud over yourself and just enjoy that great feeling of accomplishment. Just enjoy the feeling and do something nice.
    I also remember what a great feeling it was when I turned in my thesis some years ago.

  3. Jeannette Robinson13 June, 2013 10:39

    So, how’s the feeling after finally submitting your thesis? Well, it’s certainly like euphoria that all your hard work and effort were all paid off. Just thinking that the tedious thesis writing was thru and you can have now the time in your hand. Anyway, how’s life after post-thesis?