26 May, 2011

Hair woes

There are some pretty strange and/or terrible symptoms of being pregnant: being constantly dead-tired, having your gums bleed, bloating so bad you look like you swallowed a Thanksgiving turkey even in the first month or two, wanting to throw up when you look at things like onions.

Another I've had is my hair has gotten really CURLY! I've always had a little wave, but my hair has gotten this weird kinky curl thing going on, and I just don't know how to deal with it! I hate blow-dryers. I don't like products. I have no artistic vision. Some women can and do it well...I suck at hair.

I have had bad experiences getting my hair cut in Stockholm. It's expensive for nearly all salons. I've tried those on the cheaper end since I don't think it is worth $60+ for my 1 cm trim, but I have never liked what I walked out with. Once, my hair was a half inch longer on one side of my head. Another time, she didn't even wash it...she just sprayed it with water, which she got all over my face, and then it didn't even look like I got it cut.

Part of that, I think, has to do with the fact that the stylists in a lot of these lower-end places are not actually Swedish, and as immigrants, many speak pretty terrible English. I realize how that sounds...I live in Sweden, I don't expect everyone to cater to my English. But when you are getting your hair cut and they don't understand my mime act to describe 'layers' (much less the word itself!), communication is pretty darn important! And then you spend the next 30 minutes in complete silence as they spritz & clip.

The last place I went to a few months ago was much nicer & pricier, and the guy gave me a a scalp massage and spent a lot of time and care to cut my hair. I walked out with a flat-ironed blunt cut...it looked really good. For 2 or 3 days. Until I washed it. You can't blunt-cut wavy hair! I've been cone-shaped for weeks now.

So now it is *curly*. I have desperately needed a trim or something, but I decided to go with the opposite end. There is a hair school 2 blocks from our place, and it is always packed! They only charge 120kr for a wash & cut ($18) and the stylists are young, hip, and Swedish. I actually had a great experience. When she wasn't quite sure when I was describing the shape of the layers I wanted, she got a book of images! When in doubt, look at pictures. But her English was perfect, so we ended up chatting the entire time...it was almost like I was in a different country. And granted, it took longer than it needed to, so by the end of the hour and a half, I was *starving,* but totally worth it to not have a weird-shaped head for the foreseeable future.

But man, I hope these curls go away after this baby is born.  


  1. That happened to me to when I was preggo- went from a bit of a wave to some nappy curls- but only the underneath the top layer, if that makes sense. It also grew crazy thick/long when I was pregnant. When my son was 6 months old i chopped 12 inches off- and now it's practically stick straight..not sure which is better!!

    Question- how did you go about finding your apartment to rent in Stockholm? Trying to do all the research so I can convince hubbs we NEED to move there. I've only seen ones to buy- and I don't think we would do that till we had been there a while. TACK!

  2. i have ALSO had terrible experiences with hair cuts here... though i did get ONE good one but when i went back to her she totally ruined it. must have been a fluke.

    do you also find it weird that hairdressers (the ones i have encountered anyway) dont cut hair on saturdays or evenings?! i mean, how do working people get their hair cut without missing work??

    what´s the name of the hair school you went to? i desperately need a cut but have been so scarred from previous visits that i have been putting it off for like 4 months...

  3. @Tales--Mine is definitely curlier underneath, too! Super strange. I desperately hope it goes back to near-straight.
    We arranged our apartment through the Itn'l student office at my husband's school (SSE). We have had uncommon luck, though. It is really, really tough to find decent affordable housing in Stockholm. I'd suggest BostadDirekt and Blocket (for when you know exactly when you will be in Stockholm...its like Craigslist). And check out:
    http://welcometosweden.blogspot.com/2008/03/moving-to-sweden-finding-place-to-live.html or http://lostinstockholm.com/2010/11/15/the-misery-of-finding-an-apartment-in-stockholm/.

    @Yogi--I can't vouch for the rest of the hairdressers at the school, but I had Tessa and she was excellent. It is in Vasastan, on the corner of Odengatan & Tulegatan. For 120kr, if all you need is a trim, it is better than anything else I found. And let me know...we could grab a fika. Good luck!

  4. Thanks!! I will try and make an appointment this week. And we are DEFINITELY way overdue for a fika! I'll let you know if i schedule something!

  5. Super, I'm around every day but Wednesday. And I just noticed we posted nearly the same blog post...congrats on finishing that thesis and being so distinguished!