17 June, 2011

Baby's first concert

We introduced our unborn child to gypsy punk on Wednesday.

I'm just hitting the 18 weeks mark now and haven't felt so much as a flutter from my belly yet, so I was SURE that going to see Gogol Bordello at Gröna Lund this week would be the Balkan beat that made this baby jump.


But it was still a good time!
It was the first time we had been to the Tivoli/amusement park on Djurgården, where the band was playing for 'free' (you had to buy tix to the park, but not the show.) It started off with a little rain, but cleared up and got quite nice.

125+ year old Gröna Lund was fun! We didn't ride any roller coasters, just walked around with friends and played a game or two. It is a great place to see a show...stora scen has a huge stage and viewing area. Between us, Stu & I have seen Gogol Bordello 5 or 6 times now, and this was the first time for me outdoors instead of a small smoky club. You could breathe! 

But no baby kicks. They say any day now, but man, if Gogol Bordello didn't get him or her excited, I'm a bit worried about this child's future personality!! 

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  1. Fun! Hope you get to feel your babe soon...the first time I felt mine fluttering was right around 18 weeks while speeding down the slippery driving course before getting my Swedish driver's license. Apparently he/she is gonna like driving fast :)