20 June, 2011

Barnmorska meetings

Today is a busy day. Well, I've basically beached on the couch all day, nursing my poor pricked finger, so maybe I should amend that statement. Today is a busy day, for Stu. My very clever husband has TWO interview with big Swedish newspapers, smooshed in between our TWO big pregnancy appointments. The interviews are because of the competition he and his very clever team are participating in two days in Paris. Cross your fingers and hold your thumbs for them...it could be a big ol' monetary prize if they win (and as consolation prize, we get to spend 4 days all-expenses-paid in Paris if they don't.)

But this post is about babies. This morning, we had our second appointment with our Swedish midwife, our barnmorska. You can read a little more about the funny Swedish translations of pregnancy terms here. We had our first appointment at 10 weeks along, when we had a long chat with our very experienced midwife and about a million blood tests. I cannot handle giving blood...I am scared of needles and have very low blood pressure, and tend to get all tense then lose all feeling in my whole body. That 10-week appointment was the pits. Then a few days later, as is just my luck, they called to say they had to do several over again.

Compared to the US system, I was surprised at how late that first appt was! When I called knowing I was about 5 weeks, didn't they want to at least confirm the pregnancy? Or give me some don't-eat-these advice? Or prepare me for the insanity of the first trimester? Nope. But somehow, I managed to figure it out (thanks to websites like whattoexpect.com and babble.com's awesome pregnancy blogs). And somehow, I've managed to keep this little person alive. Sometimes I don't know *how* I manage that, but we heard a heartbeat this morning, so things look good.
And thank god we did. The week or so leading up to our first ultrasound (when they test for the possibility of down syndrome and other genetic disorders) I was SO nervous that there would be no heartbeat, and they'd tell me I'd miscarried. It made me cry, it kept me awake. I've had the same anxiety this past week...I haven't felt all that pregnant for weeks now (not really showing, not feeling any movements, no obvious symptoms). So the heart monitor made me feel worlds better this morning. And it was well-timed good news, since it was after she pricked my finger, which also makes me woozy and fainty and see spots. It was also our last barnmorska appointment, since we're moving back to the US in just over a month.

And this afternoon, in about an hour, we have our almost-half-way ultrasound, which is when most couples find out whether they are expecting a boy or a girl. Oh, I'm hoping this sweet potato cooperates...I want to find out! I am probably jinxing myself just saying that. Just writing this post!

I haven't had any dreams or 'feelings' about the sex. My best friend had a dream which involved getting upset at Stu for leaving a whole bunch of baby girl clothes in our washing machine in our old DC apartment. Stu & I have been calling 'it' a girl ('cause you can't call it 'it'!) I used to think I was more of a girl-y kind of mamma, but since taking care of sweet little boys, I'm much more open. I will be happy regardless. So we'll see! In less than an hour! Woot!

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