02 June, 2011


It is decided. We fly back one-way to DC on July 26, moving back to the States officially!

I hadn't bothered to apply to a single job in Stockholm this year, so I wasn't expecting amazing job offers on my end. Stu had some great leads on jobs here, but none materialized as solid offers by our self-imposed deadline. So, with our residence visas expiring June 30th, a whole 2 weeks after Stu graduates, we figured, why drag it out? Holy crap, June 30th is in 28 days! Thankfully, we could apply for short-term extensions to finish the move (and keep health insurance!)

We have a super summer vacay planned, with a week in France (including 5 days in Paris, which are fully paid by  major int'l company Stu is competing for!) then a week in Italy, with spending time with lots of friends in between. Then a few last weeks of decadent Swedish summer before the big move.

This weekend, we've got friends visiting, but starting next week, we start packing! I've already posted a ton of stuff for sale on Blocket (anybody in Stockholm looking for a pull-out couch? Some great Ikea chairs? Lamps? Coffee pot? Other random household goods? Here's a link to pictures of some of the stuff: https://picasaweb.google.com/lagom.sverige/Collages?authkey=Gv1sRgCPz1p8bS2vSvWw&feat=directlink#)

Uggg, another overseas move!  We got so lucky coming over--it was cheap, the company was good, everything turned up on time and intact. But of course, that shipper is out of business and I don't expect it to be nearly so cheap on the way back. And to boot, I'm preggers, and we don't have jobs, and DC is hot & miserable in the summer. I hate moving.

But I am still so, so, so excited to move back. I've been pulling for this for months now. We have had such a great two years in Sweden, but it just feels like it is time.

But what will happen to the blog? 


  1. We to are in the midst of packing and I hate that I cannot find a single thing I want! My poor family has been getting tons of stuff that we cannot bring but I could not bring myself to throw away, I am sure they wish we would just sell it.

    Good luck and have a great vacation!

  2. :(

    i totally understand moving home, but it's kinda sad since we didnt even get to meet in person yet. But i totally understand moving back....i would if i could! but we are stuck here for at least another two years...and then who knows how easy it will be to move back at that point. So, get out while you can :)

  3. We would have been happy to stay, too, but I'm just a little happier to go back :) Plus, we can't stay...Stu didn't get a concrete, realistic job offer in Stockholm, so the country makes you leave!

    But if you are free today in town, let's get coffee! I need to eat every 2 hours (or less, sometimes) so I won't ever turn down a fika opportunity!

  4. @Hemborgwife--do you know how you will be sending everything over to Sweden? We are in the midst of getting quotes now, so maybe we should swap lists of int'l shippers!

  5. We are using Southern Winds International as referred to me by Antropologa's blog. I called them on the 1st and they are already scheduled to come on the 13th so very fast service!

  6. Hey! GOOD LUCK! I'm sad that I won't be able to read about your Swedish adventures, but maybe we'll meet someday in DC. My boyfriend and I are trying to move there within the year.

    All best wishes for the move, the baby, success in the US, everything!

    - kate | transatlantic sketches