24 July, 2011

Ack! 3 days left!

Wow, how the time flies. How do we really only have 3 whole days left as Swedish residents?!?  I would like to note that on July 19th or thereabouts, we received notification from the immigration office that we could legally stay in the country until August 31st. Thanks, Migrationsverke, a whole week and a half before we ship off for good. Couldn't have told us in June, when our other visas expired and we HAD to make exit plans?!?

Not that we could have really afforded to stay much longer than we are. We haven't secured jobs in the States (not for lack of trying...Stu is throwing CVs out there like candy on a parade float!)  And we've been in "Goodbye" mode here, which means lots of lunches, fikas, dinners and drinks out to spend a last few hours with the lovely friends we've met here.

Our apartment is pretty bare. We had to pre-pack this weekend to figure out the last of it...we had roughly 6 suitcases worth of stuff and only 4 worth of capacity. Thankfully my giant, pregnant belly is a weeding device of it's own: can't pull it up or down over the bump? In the pile to Myrorna!

We have a few other things to donate, but we just got news in the last few days that our landlady wants to rent our awesome apartment out for at least 6 months (she had told us she would sell, and we should get rid of everything extra we have purchased.) Her renting is good news for us IF she can get someone in on August 1st, so that we don't have to pay rent on an empty apartment. And at 10.000kr (~$1,600) a month, we would very much appreciate someone having that kind of flexibility. So much so, we would leave them those extra plates and cups and lamps and all that useful stuff we accumulated while living here the last 2 years. Trust me, it is worth it!

The weather is sunny and 70-something, and we are enjoying the last of our time here. But we are also pretty excited to leave. Three days!?!?!


  1. Have you tried going through an employment agency? I have a friend in the Ford Agency in DC, and they have both temp and permanent divisions. It might be worth checking out because DC is a really networking-dependent job market to move into. I would start trying to send emails to people in companies/organizations you want to work at instead... just ask them if they have time for an informational interview, coffee, time for you to ask them some questions about transitioning into the DC job market, something like that. That has opened a lot more doors for me and my friends there than the good old "send a million resumes" approach.

    Good luck!!
    kate | www.transatlanticsketches.com

  2. I hope you have a great last three days here. I also hope it works out with jobs but I know it is hard and it is always harder to find jobs when you are on the opposite side of the Atlantic ocean. Hopefully it will be easier to get called to interviews once you are in the US. Are you also currently looking for a job or do you plan to give birth first and look later on?
    Finding someone to take over the apartment for the first of august should be possible. I think that should not be a big problem considering there are so many students looking for living space and the fall semester starting soon. Enjoy your last days and have fun.

  3. It has been tough applying from Sweden...we just recently updated our CVs to show a US address and phone number. I assume all other employers just saw the Swedish one, and popped us in the 'reject' pile as too much hassle.

    But Stu has an interview the day after we get back, and he has applied to jobs in the last few weeks that are spot-on for his experience and goals, so here's holding our thumbs!!

    I am applying, but not holding my breath. If I get an interview (and then got offered a job) I would absolutely take it before the baby. But I know if it is up to a handful of equally qualified candidates, employers are not going to choose the one who needs 3-4 months off just after she gets her bearings on the job.

    We'll keep you posted, though!