30 July, 2011

Farewell, Stockholm

I cried on the way to the airport leaving Stockholm.

I hadn't gotten too upset about moving away those last few days. I recognized this before we left...don't pregnant women have crazy hormones, so shouldn't I be a total mess by default? I guess there were too many details to deal with to get too nostalgic.

But while Stu brought our insane number of bags down to the super shuttle on Wednesday morning, I did a quick sweep of our empty apartment and turned off the lights, locked up, pulled our little name tag off the front door, and slid the keys through the mail slot. And it just felt so sad. So *final.* And I started to get upset in the elevator on the way down. It felt like a big moment to close up all by myself. It didn't feel so final moving to Stockholm two years ago. Our shuttle driver probably thought I was nuts.

It is nice to be back in Virginia. It is hot (103f yesterday!!) but we're getting used to it and the time zone shift. Slowly seeing friends. And yesterday, we ran into a Walmart for some soap, and walked out with a cart overflowing, we were so blindsided by the ocean of shiny choices and cheap prices. Just a little culture shock, oh, America.

We'll be back to Stockholm for sure...we fell in love with the city and made too many friends not to visit. And maybe by some strange twist, we might live there again one day.


  1. Good luck with your new life, Anne.

  2. Farewell and lycka till!

  3. Ditto the above comments. Best of luck!

  4. Stockholm will always be here for you. I so recognize your feelings. That is how I felt when we left Alabama. We have been back to visit and it was great so I hope you come back in the near future to visit. Good luck with life in the US. Will you start a new blog in the US?

  5. Anne. I have enjoyed your blog over the years. I will cry when I leave Stockholm too. Best wishes on life's next great adventure. Tom

  6. Lycke till!

    You have lots of wonderful adventures ahead but don't forget us here. Do keep blogging, even if sporadic. You'll always have the Swedish connection.