08 July, 2011

Real baby bump

Finally!  It only took 3 days of eating French pastries to get me to pop, but it happened!

June 3, at 16 weeks along, in Stockholm. Not much of a bump.

June 27, at almost 20 weeks along, in Carcassone, with full-on pregnant lady stance and all!
 We ate too much in the land of croissants (the 3 main ingredients to all French cooking: butter, butter, and butter). And there were no vegetables anywhere! Then we spent a week in Italy, where I pigged out on pasta, pizza and gelato. Because, come on, it was Italy. I had no choice.
My belly is still pretty small, but at least it *looks* like there is a baby in there, not just too many macarons. He is now the size of a banana, which doesn't make a ton of sense, since last week at the half-way point, he was the size of a cantaloupe. Isn't a melon generally bigger than a banana?

The only picture of my actual belly, attempting to walk on the rocks in Antibes.
But better than being actually visibly pregnant is that I can finally feel the little guy kicking! I had a little wasabi at lunch today, and he went nuts! I don't know if that means he liked the spice or not, but it was still a nice feeling for me. Would it be considered fetal abuse to eat wasabi just because I like to feel him kick? Because I am seriously considering it.

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  1. I am glad you had a great trip. I think your baby belly looks just beautiful. We are also going to France but in August. Sounds dangerous with all that butter in French cooking but I guess when you are on vacation you are allowed to eat whatever you like without feeling bad about it. I hope you get a few last real nice weeks in Stockholm before you leave for the US. How many years did you spend in Stockholm?
    Take care and congrats to the kicks, that must feel so exiting.