02 September, 2009

Just a Random Update

I've nothing profound to write tonight.

But it's been a while since I've posted, no Anne hasn't stuffed me in a freezer... Or maybe she has and is blogging as me for an alibi!

No, that would be far more interesting. Instead, I'm just saying hi. And that I'm loving school. And am really busy. And don't have internet at our new place, so I'm confined to hello's from the wireless at school until hopefully, tomorrow. No promises after that.

I ran. By which, yes you can infer that we successfully received our shipment yesterday. I wanted to take a picture, but it looked the same as when it got on the boat. Same palette, etc, only difference being the space under it was a Swedish sidewalk. And yes, the driver took the palette out of the truck, placed it there, and more or less said sign here, thank you. The rest was for us, but busting open the shrink wrap and shuttling into the hall... Thank God for an elevator. We managed. In half an hour or so.

And then made pledges that we'd take it easy on my back after the exercise. But I couldn't help myself, it's unpacked and hanging/folded. And thus, I found my running shoes (it's always the last place you look...) and went for a jog. Not like me, I know, but I somehow volunteered for a 6km relay. That means six of us run 1km each, so don't get excited, but it's more than my usual. Now I feel sore, and old.

Oh, and my "brilliant" vacuum bags? Didn't do anything for the wrinkles. SO everything I can put on a hanger is hanging. We'll see. Especially the suits, and kilt, got me a little worried, but it has been two months. Nice to see our stuff again. Some of it, why do we have so much??

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