16 September, 2009

We're having a little party

And celebrating our new couch. Well, new-to-us. Stu managed to convince 3 of his buddies to help haul a pull-out couch and three wardrobes (THREE) out of other people's homes and up 5 flights of spiral stairs to our little apartment. They did an amazing job.

So we are having a few people over Friday to warm the new place, about 40 of Stu's friends, and about 4 of mine. An interesting thing about Swedish parties (at least the ones I have been to) is that everyone brings their own alcohol, and they drink their own alcohol. Makes sense. You get to drink what you like and the host doesn't have to foot a huge systembolaget bill (systembolaget is the government-run liquor/beer/wine store here.)

Another thing is that every takes their shoes off when they come in to your house. Actually, that custom is not just for parties. Almost ANY time you come in to a Swedish person's house, you take your shoes off. I had my first Swedish doctor appointment yesterday, and I even took my shoes off to sit in the waiting room. I guess that practice comes from snowy winters, where you have to take your big, dirty boots off before coming into a place.

Anyway, we'll post pictures soon. I have been too busy to hang up all my clothes in my new closets, so the place is a mess!


  1. I am so glad you guys are settling in and have aquired so many friends. That Stu is just a little social butterfly. :) I love the idea of bringing your own drinks to a party! I must remember the shoes thing when I come to visit. :D

    Miss you guys!

  2. Absolutely love your blog and enjoy reading about your life so much. LOVE the red couch and quite and explanation on shoppping--the great American past time. I remember when I was in Israel 15 years ago (went again last year) our guide pulled us right in with: "you all know in the Bible about the Canaanites, the Amorites, the Amalekites,...well YOU are the Shopkites!" True. But you always want to take things back to people.
    I guess the shoe thing is more universal than one would think. I think of it as "Eastern", but it makes sense.
    I didn't know Stu was an Eagles fan!! Neat to find out these things. Hope you have recv'd enough mascara by now, Ann.
    LUV, Julie

  3. I guess that means you need to make sure you always have a supply of clean (and fun!) socks to wear! You don't want to be caught with holey socks!