26 September, 2009

Random images for a Saturday

I am trying to am-scr-ay while Stu is studying for exams (because my exam presentation was yesterday, so I am done with module 1, and have a 5-day break until module 2).

But I had to post a few pictures of things that kind of made me laugh this week:

Stu asked for softer toilet paper (I guess the cheap 11 kr TP was too rough for the poor baby.) So I bought the most ridiculous, soft-looking toilet paper that the Coop Konsum had to offer. Yes, its called Lambi. It has pink hearts and sweet little lambs printed on it. And its tag line: soft & caring. Because that is what you want out of toilet paper. ["Like wiping yer bum on a wee wooly lamb," Stu said in his worst/best Scottish accent]

And yes, this is an advertisement for the new fall styles at Gallerian, a big shopping mall downtown. Apparently, the 'catwalk' is pretty popular for fall.
Can you imagine being the model hired to get dressed up & made up, and then have to be photographed carrying a kitty around, knowing that you'd be plastered all over Stockholm phone booths looking supremely ridiculous? ["Ridiculous?! You mean sinister! He's clearly the head of an organized spy sindicate!"] I love it. I totally love it. I pass these on my way to the bus stop on Odengatan.

This poor cat looks uncomfortable:


  1. that lamb is a global menace!