29 September, 2009

I'm thinking of quitting my job.

Well, I've actually decided to. And sorry if Stu has caused headaches with his philosophical musings...he is knee-deep in econ and accounting, and this blog offers a pretty good outlet. Otherwise, I am the outlet, and wine is just too expensive in this country...

Anyway, back to unemployment. I know, I know, its an entire TWELVE hours a week, give or take. And my schedule at Stockholm University is so light, I almost feel stupid in deciding to quit the only kronor we have coming in. But school is random, with a different schedule of classes every week. The entire month of November is all late afternoon classes (which means I can't work).

And as it gets colder (and its definitely getting colder!!) I can't help but dread having to bundle up 2 squirmy little munchkins who never even want to put their shoes on, much less coats, hats, gloves, etc. and then stroller them the 1.5 km to pick up the other little rugrat, then stroller the whole lot of them back in the cold and dark of December, January, February.

And not having a job that has me working from 3pm until 6 or 7pm means that I can start taking Swedish language classes in the evenings. And hopefully learn something slightly more useful than ¨graset är grönt¨ (the grass is green.) English is fine, actually, and the majority of people in Stockholm speak it and are happy to help me out. But its a personal goal to speak next-to-fluent Swedish by the end of this 2-year Stockholm stint, and I might as well get on with it sooner rather than later.

They are awfully sweet kids, and I like their parents very much. And my clothes have all gotten too big with all the chasing and strollering. And it feels kinda nice to hand Stu a small wad of cash as an 'allowance' each week. Maybe instead he'll get a gig teaching yoga here in Stockholm?
But I'm probably working regularly another month or so. And then back to unemployment. I missed it so.

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