21 January, 2010

An ending to museum education and the boots

I am doing a bit of procrastinating. Again. I have a final exam and presentation due tomorrow, and I feel like I have done nothing but write about engaging museum audiences for the last 4 days straight. This was a great class though. Very practical, and we met a ton of interesting people with interesting points of view on museum education in Sweden. It feels a little strange for me since the US has such a well-developed educational model, and many of our discussions surround the newness of the discipline in Swedish museums. But since my last job required being familiar with best practices for museum educators, I feel like I have a lot to say and compare to. Of course it means my exam has somehow bloated to about 11 pages so far, and I'm not quite done.

So procrastinating led to a long internet search for those Camper boots. Which became a little ridiculous, because they are just simple gray boots with buckles...I can probably find something similar in a different brand in Stockholm. And I have no job (aside from the one day a week nannying I have taken up again, but thats chump change) so I really shouldn't have my eye on expensive boots anyway.

But the obsessing paid off. And for $50 cheaper! Well, cheaper before you add in whatever it will cost to ship them to Sweden. I found them on Amazon.com, and they didn't do international. But I was so happy to see them in a size that will fit my feet, and I had to get them. Thank you, people of the US who offered to check your local Camper stores.

But victory aside, the procrastination continues. I am finding it very hard to concentrate with the 2 oafish Swedes yelling to each other and jumping up & down on my roof, knocking snow & ice from the eaves. When Jinni was here in December visiting, we spent a good half hour entranced by the guys knocking the snow & icicles off of the neighbors' roof (there might even be a video of the drama!) But when they are actually overhead, its not as exciting, and its insanely LOUD! Seriously, like a herd of elephants. The thermometer has not crawled above freezing in over a month, so that ice and snow is packed in. I might have to go watch some TV or something...


  1. Sometimes you just need to buy stuff in America. I put Ziploc baggies in our container of stuff that will be headed for Sweden as I heard hard to get there! But I thought there was a British version of Amazon?

  2. Don't believe the hype: ziploc baggies exist in Sweden. We heard it too. Must be an expat urban legend. IKEA sells them in convenient large and small bag combo packs.
    Amazon.uk has been very helpful for getting books sent to us. Sometimes it's just easier than dealing with adlibris or bokus as Amazon UK is bigger and less likely to be out of stock.