25 January, 2010

First wipe-out of the season

I managed to make it *almost* to February before falling on my ass in the snow.

But my awesome-balance-and-coordination streak came to an end while going up to migrationsverket this morning, in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm. Just across the street from the office, at about 9:30am. And after wiping out on the ice sideways, I had an hour and 45 minutes of avoiding sitting on my right butt cheek while a bruise was inevitably blossoming, while I waited for my number to be called. But I now have an up-to-date student visa.

And I still got a terrible picture in my passport!


  1. Oh, I can so relate to this and have blogged about it several time!. I have not yet fallen this year, but feel ike it is inevitable.

  2. Maybe its a rite of passage to living here?

    About the only thing good about this fresh snow is that it gives a little extra traction to the 2-inch-thick slabs of ice on Sveavägen! I am ready for May.