30 January, 2010

Goodies are good

Or, in Swedish, Godis är gott!

Its Saturday, and I thought ahead and bought a giant bag of candy yesterday, before all the little kids with their grubby little hands got a crack at the giant bins of loose candy. My favorites are these little black licorice tubes filled with pastel-colored sugar paste. I am fairly sure all my teeth are going to fall out before all the hairs on my head turn gray (which is happening faster than I would like to admit!)

Anyway, I am posting because its Saturday, and I was eating giant gummi coke bottles while listening to a weird and lovely Swedish song called Godis är gott, streamed from the very clever people at Sveriges Radio. A while back, they did an ABCs of some of the most important words/concepts in the Swedish language. Of those words, 'ABBA' made the cut, as did 'hockey' and 'lagom'! Its in English, and each is quite short...I highly recommend streaming a few. My favorite is 'K is for Kanske.' Seriously, listen to it to the end. The song is awesome, and gets stuck in my head every time. And you learn some pronunciation and some surprisingly interesting facts about Swedes, and Sweden. Did you know the Brits call turnips 'Swedes'? Hmmm...

But because its lördag, you should check this one out: G is for Godis

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