15 April, 2010

good and bad

It's been a week...exams, school, interviews. Not to mention our internet fizzled repeatedly, we had sporadic periods without electricity when they replaced all our outlets and light fixtures (which, of course, no longer fit most of our plugs and lights) AND our shower is on the fritz and the plumber is *supposedly* coming sometime this week. And its already Thursday.

But there are good things, too. The weather has been gorgeous. We are heading to Riga tomorrow on a boat, which means we won't have our travel plans scrapped because of the hazardous ash spewing over northern Europe at the moment. Stu is psyched to see Metallica on Saturday night. I just got offered an internship at the Moderna Museum, which makes me enormously happy. And I just received in the mail a book I won on a blog I really like called Anne's Food. Its called Swedish Smorgasbord - all the Original Recipes in Modern Style. Some of the recipes are, uh, interesting. I probably won't be trying to make the Tongue in Aspic recipe anytime soon, but there are a ton I will...and it has pretty pictures.
Okay, off to meet Stu and company to celebrate finishing exams and getting internships at the weird yet awesome cowboy bar down the street from us. The bar seats are saddles. 


  1. Congrats on the internship - that is fantastic news. I really enjoy how the Moderna curates their shows. And you must have been at the Saddle & Sabre....?

  2. Congratulations on the internship. How fabulous!