25 April, 2010

Not-so-royal idiot?

Not to be a gossip, but really, this is all over the news here, so I can't help it...it looks like Swedish Princess Madeleine and her fiance have broken up, after it was revealed all over Swedish and Norwegian tabloids that he had an affair with a much younger Norwegian handball star while on vacay last year. 

Its kind of sad, really. For many reasons. Madeleine is the younger sister to Crown Princess Victoria, and both announced engagements within a short time frame. Because Victoria will inherit the throne, her marriage to gym owner Daniel Westling on June 19th is getting all the attention (yes, he was her personal trainer...I can't imagine him trying to pick up the future queen while instructing her to do squat thrusts and push-ups!?)  Their wedding is going to be huge, with foreign dignitaries as guests, a 2-week city-wide celebration called "Love Stockholm," and a ton of memorabilia sold all over the place. I am particularly fond of the wedding china they have for sale at NK. Annoyingly, they are currently tearing up various spots around the city to accommodate all the festivities. 

But Madeleine had been with lawyer Jonas Bergström since she was 17, and they were planning a quiet wedding in the fall, with no 2-week love fest and no limited-edition Rörstrand china for sale. I bet it's tough to be a younger sister...the older one always gets things first, bigger & better, especially when she is going to be Queen of Sweden one day. Last week, Queen Silvia had announced that although everything was fine, they were postponing the event. And yesterday, after Madeleine was safely on a plane to NYC to avoid reporters, it was announced that the couple was breaking up. I hope Jonas' ski holiday tryst was worth it...the idiot was supposed to receive the title Duke of Hälsingland and Gästrikland! Wherever those are.

I'm sure Madeleine will be fine, though. She IS a princess. She was voted one of Forbes Magazine's top 20 hottest young royals in 2008. And something I did not know, she is studying art history at Stockholm University. And really, anyone who studies art history will go far in life (I had to get that in there...art history was my undergrad major!)


  1. Gastrikland? Really? That's awesome. How could he pass up being Duke of Gastrik? I'd so totally dig that! I'd build an orchard and bottle Gastrikjuices for all of Sweden! And art history rocks. Especially the ancient stuff. I wish I had kept my textbook from that class.

  2. ooh, sometimes I must succumb to the kitsch: I love the wedding china!

  3. Gastrikland - better known as the iron kingdom - makes specialized steel, etc. Also known as the gateway to the North. It's located on the central-eastern coast of Sweden. Awesome.

  4. I love the china! But its like $35 for a frickin' tea cup, and that doesn't include the saucer! Maybe they'll go on clearance after June 19th?

    And bottling gastrik juices sounds like a great business plan! Jonas really blew an opportunity. I did look it up on a map...its a large area just above Stockholm, but I didn't know its a steel-capital.