12 April, 2010

Quick school update

It's mid April, and I thought I'd write a quick update on what we are up to in grad school. We, in fact, have less than two months left to this first year of school. And a week after school is out, we are heading back to the US for 3 weeks! Its finally getting warmer and sunnier and happier in Stockholm (I did not know how weather-dependent my mood was until living here...it rained Saturday, and I did nothing but watch TV. All. Day.)

We have had roughly 2 weeks off between us, but now vacation is over. I start up a new class this afternoon on art law. I am actually fascinated by the subject...legal and ethical issues in museums can be so unique and super interesting. But I am only familiar with the US legal system, which is so, so, so different from the EU, and in particular, the Swedish system, that the class will definitely be a challenge. This class will run through the first week of May, then I have a final class of this year that focuses on beginning my final thesis and planning my big exhibition. I haven't even begun to think about what I want to write about, and the thought of curating my own exhibition here makes me incredibly nervous, so I am not looking forward to that class at all. But when it ends in June, I don't have to come back to Stockholm University for classes until next January, so there is a nice long break from thinking and writing to look forward to. I just have to get myself a proper internship to fill that time up!

Stu right now is at his first of two exam sessions this week. The GM program at SSE (General Management masters) has semi-comprehensive exams, which include one question from each of the 10 classes he has had so far, split between today and Thursday. He has 2 or 3 more classes to get through before June 11, but apparently, they won't count on his comps. So he has been trying to studying the things he learned back in September and go over the subjects he finished more recently. But from what I gather, everyone in his program is lacking much motivation to care about these tests...they only count for a teeny, tiny percentage of their overall grades. But its a good excuse to revisit micro vs. macro economics, right? Right?

And he starts a law course after this exam week, as well: Business Law for the International Manager. But not before we take the boat over to Latvia and spend the weekend in Riga. Should be interesting...

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