18 April, 2011

3am pancakes!

I woke up ridiculously early Sunday morning to find this in the kitchen:
Note the excess flour residue ALL OVER THE COUNTER. There was also a pile of his clothes in the middle of the living room floor. Ahhhh, drunk Stu.
WTF??  After the wedding Saturday, I went home exhausted, but Stu had energy and met his friends out for beers. I didn't even hear him come home, but it was apparently about 3am.

Which is also when he decided to pre-mix pancake batter for Sunday morning pancakes. At 3am.

I had had the weirdest craving for pancakes on Saturday afternoon and made him promise to make me some (he makes really good fluffy American pancakes!) And I guess at 3am, it made more sense to prepare the batter and not have me wake him up the next morning.

Which I did anyway, but I managed to wait until 10.

Really happy Me with pancake ears.

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