09 April, 2011

School update

I graduate this master's program in exactly 2 months, to the day. Stu has to wait an extra week before he gets a proper graduation ceremony in Stockholm's stadshuset. I'll probably just get juice and cookies, but you know, with 7 of us graduating, it's a small class.

His big presentation of his Capstone is on Friday, the project he has dedicated the last 5+ months to, helping solve specific business issues with a big corporation here in Stockholm. They spent nearly half a year, working full-time, and he & his partner get whopping 10 minutes to present the project to a room full of suits, professors and fellow classmates (and me! Hey, there's a free lunch out of it!)  And then he has 2 final classes to finish up before getting that MscGM! I'm so proud! He'll also be working at the big corporation part-time for the next 2 months, and I'm hoping in that time, they'll decide they just cannot afford to lose such a valuable employee and offer him an awesome job with an awesome matching salary.

The lovely stadshuset...city hall
I just hit my page requirement in my thesis, so while it's not done, it feels good to have written so much, so early! I didn't have to write a proper thesis for my first masters degree--I just took 2 extra classes--so this feels more "masterful." It is still shorter than most, since it is only one half of the culminating degree project, the other half being the dreaded exhibition!
My thesis isn't due until May 24, however, my final presentation of my own project is May 19, the installation of the exhibition is that same week, and the opening of the small show I am curating at Moderna Museet is May 21. So I have a feeling that I'll be so overwhelmed in a few weeks, I'll forget I even have a thesis requirement. And I just found out who my examiners will be for my final presentation of the exhibition, and oooh, I did NOT luck out. I got stuck with a particular curator here in Stockholm who frightens that CRAP out of me...I know I will get ripped apart, no matter how well I do! Not looking forward to May 19 at all.

Anyway, we're busy wrapping up, not doing much exciting, blog-post-worthy stuff, and generally worrying about the next stage. ACK! Jobs! What *country* are we going to live in!? It is a source of low-level yet constant stress. If all goes according to plan now, we think we'll be back in the States in July, either for a good long visit before returning to Sweden, or to stay.

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  1. I know just what you mean about "which COUNTRY are we going to live in?" What a ridiculous question, right? But one I think about all the time.

    Congrats on being so close to graduation! Looking forward to reading what comes next.