20 April, 2011

Odd shoe observation

Swedes take their shoes off when they enter private residences. It makes sense in a country that experiences 6 months of winter, since snow boots can bring in so much crap. We do it at home, too. And I think even after we leave Sweden (whenever that may be), it'll be one of those cultural things that stick with us. So hygienic!

When we were heading home from a walk yesterday, I was surprised to see a woman take her sneakers off as soon as she walked *into* a gym! She was one of those people who runs to the gym and then proceeds to work out, so she didn't have a gym bag with her as though she was going to actually change her shoes. Isn't it odd? Stu & I don't work out (gyms are just too expensive) so this is new! Does everyone take their shoes off to enter a gym to work out? Why bother, if you are just going to put them on again to run on the treadmill? I think that is a cultural thing that won't come back with us...

P.S. it is 8:30pm and its not even fully dark yet. We finally made it! The weather has been stellar lately.


  1. Yes, everyone does! You are not allowed to wear outdoor shoes indoors in a gym. Would be kind of disgusting, walking with dirty shoes there.

  2. It took me awhile to get used to the whole taking my shoes off thing. I really am weird about people seeing my feet or socks sorta thing. I also am not a fan of the shoes by the front door. I made my husband promise when we are living in Sweden our shoes will be kept in the bedroom.

    To anonymous why do you think people walking in their regular shoes in the gym is gross?

  3. I guess in the States, you assume you wear shoes everywhere in a gym except parts of the locker rooms, so it doesn't seem as gross to me. I wouldn't walk barefoot!

    Yeah, moving here, we felt like we always had to have nice socks on! You can't be wearing your tired holey old gym socks to someone's house for a fika...

  4. I think it's gross for the same reason it's gross in a home - it's dirty.

  5. Of course you don´t walk barefoot in the gym! You change from your outdoor shoes to gym shoes that you only use indoors.