28 April, 2011

Sort-of celebrity sightings

While waiting for the bus yesterday, I saw Simon, the Brit from the Swedish/British design shows Simon & Tomas (I love how the he speaks in English no matter what, even though he fully understands all the Swedish around him. I want to be that.) But yeah, he was walking his little tiny dog just off Odengatan. Does he live in my 'hood? Can't imagine how fabulous the apartment must be. Apparently, they recently had a few episodes of their show on the Oprah network.

And when I got off the bus, I got stuck by a Russian presidential motorcade. Vladimir Putin is in town, and I had to stand at the end of Kungsträdgården for 20 minutes for all 80 escort Volvos to drive by from the Grand Hotel. I'm from DC, where you have to wait for a motorcade every frickin' day (when Cheney was in office, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day!) I hear Putin is pitching Swedish-Russian nuclear cooperation...

Admittedly not the most exciting post, but hey, it's a post!

1 comment:

  1. Simon and Tomas occasionally shops at the store I work at. Lovely ppl. I ♥ their dog!