30 October, 2009

Happy (almost) Halloween

Punkins at the outdoor market at Sergels Torg a week or so ago

We're going to a costume party. If any of you have seen Stu's facebook lately, you know what he is planning to be. I, on the other hand, have NO idea what to dress up as. And we, as Americans, are expected to be awesome at the whole costume thing (because Halloween is not a Swedish thing, as my classmates have reminded me a million times this week.)  But I walked down Drottninggatan yesterday (while soaking up some sun...real sun!) past the party store Buttericks, and there was a LINE out the door. With security guards manning the people traffic!! You can't tell me Swedes *don't* get into Halloween, because those certainly weren't all Americans lining up to get into a costume shop.

So I'm open to ideas. The sun is out again today, so its the perfect excuse to go for a walk to find some costume-making ingredients.  Will post pictures if it is a successful endeavor.

In the meantime, happy halloween!


  1. I once dressed as a sleasy evangelist with a pocket handkerchief that was a pair of red panties. Don was Carrie Nation with a black dress and shawl and a grey wig, carrying a hatchet. I was also a grandmother clock once--used a carton over my head and wore a granny dress underneath (this was the 70s). Kind of hard to see out the eye holes tho.And no eating or drinking until the unmasking took place.A definite drawback.

  2. A grandmother clock? I love it! And the evangelist is classic.

    I actually succeeded in finding some great costume material, at H&M and Gina Tricot, two very trendy, very cheap clothing stores here. Thank you, Stockholmers, for wearing clothing that I think look like Halloween costumes.

  3. One of the most clever costumes I saw one year was a young lady wearing a white slip with Freudian written all over it. Get it? Freudian slip! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :D