14 October, 2009

Its snowing in Stockholm

Its October 14th. I *want* to be excited, but its ONLY OCTOBER 14TH! I talked to my sister yesterday, who said it was 70+ in DC.


  1. That was yesterday. Today it's a high of 53. Not cold enough to snow, but chillier than I wanted for mid-October!

  2. Unrelated, ENTIRELY to snow (though maybe it'll draw you inside) do you and Stu have any interest in Lego Star Wars for the Wii? I have an extra copy.

  3. The sun came out after about 15 minutes of flurries. And then it was lovely. But its DEFINITELY winterish here (at least from a DC standpoint.) You have to wear hats and scarves whenever you go out...

    And we have Lego Star wars, and Lego Indiana Jones, and the 6-year-old I watch says Lego Batman is too easy. BUT, Swedish Wii games don't work on our US Wii, so we might ask you to send us some new ones when these get old!