29 October, 2009

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, sun!

Its been a rainy week, and I haven't seen the sun for days. But its out this morning!!  Thats worth posting about, I think.

I'm done with working regularly. And my last day as a "barnflicka" went out with a bang...the 3-year-old girl peed her pants in the living room before I could airlift her to a toilet. Not only did she pee her pants, but also her socks and the rain boots she was wearing. And then her 1-year-old brother tried to "help" me mop up the pee with his sleeves. How much fun did I have cleaning on Tuesday!?!?  She wasn't even upset about wetting herself, but she cried like a banshee because her last bite of pepparkakor (cookie) fell in her puddle. Fun times.
But to celebrate, Stu cooked me dinner all by himself and took me to see "Julie/Julia" (he got to see Zombieland, so I got to see a chick-flick about Julia Child, who is the awesomest. Its fair.)

I also started Swedish classes this week. Its called SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, and its free. In fact, Im told that the government used to *pay* immigrants to take Swedish language courses to help them assimilate, but not no more. The teacher is really enthusiastic and she speaks only in Swedish, which is great! So far, its a mix of cultures and ages in the class, but everyone speaks perfect English, so some of the horror stories I've heard don't seem to be pervasive. We'll see how it goes...


  1. What a way to go Ms. Anne! However Julie/Julia should have helped to make up for your last day. Sigh, I love that movie and you are right Julia Child is the awesomest!

  2. You'll not soon forget that barnflicka day! I hope the laughs that you get on your behalf each time you retell that story will soothe the pain. I certainly chuckled heartily (with you).

  3. Those kids were sooooo cute! And they gave you quite a primer on parenthood.